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Here at Upright Access Systems we love to think outside the square, we pride ourselves on being passionate problem solvers. But that’s not the only thing we’re passionate about, we’re also passionate about upskilling and training our workers to be skilful and better leaders.

In 2016 we selected a group of staff members from Management, Leading Hands & general Labourers to participate in a workplace Management and Leadership skills program run by Edvance Workplace Education.  Edvance are a NZQA registered and accredited training provider who specialise in workplace training and development, reading, writing and numeracy. The training consists of 40 hours of learning, spread over 15 weeks. After all the workers were assessed we opted to run two separate groups; one was Skills for Leaders and the second group was targeted at workers with English as a second language. To fit this into our working week, we ran 3 hour classes on a Wednesday and Saturday morning. It was challenging; we had to balance work and study, for some of our team members it was a first, for others it brought back memories of the old college days. At the end of the year Graduation came along and we were all presented with certificates of achievement.

Then it was 2017 and it was business as usual. Reports and results came in from the previous training, and to our surprise, they were outstanding. Big changes from when the workers first went into the training. It really was a massive improvement by all, so it was a no brainer to continue the training amongst current and new workers. The boys took on new challenges with the course but in true Upright Access style, they came through with the goods and completed the training with even more amazing results.


I was fortunate enough to be involved in the training and I for one found it difficult and challenging, but isn’t that life? My theory is, roll with the punches and go with the flow, and what I achieved through Edvance training has helped me gain skills in managing and communicating with our workers at a higher level. I believe the training has made me a better leader and person. I have proudly completed all the training and the end result for me is a National Certificate in Business.

With that said, we want to thank everyone at Edvance Workplace Education for the time they invested in us and helping us achieve the possible. Special shout out to our tutor Edna Lyndon for your teaching, knowledge and patience. Thank you.

Last but not least, to the Directors of Upright Access Systems; who made all this possible. Thank you for believing in us, pushing us and driving us to learn new skills.

I wonder what 2018 has install for us…