one for the god's

st pats 2.jpg

St Patricks Cathedral has a rich and colourful history that dates back to the beginning of the town of Auckland in the early 1840’s. It’s considered to be a historic landmark and when we took on the job we knew what the risks were with erecting scaffold around the cathedrals tower.

It wasn’t an easy task by a long shot, in fact this job was so complex and difficult at times our scaffolders had to rethink plans to avoid damaging any part of the cathedral which meant extra care was vital when erecting scaffold. With the help of Cook Costello Engineers, we were able to design custom made brackets which allowed us to fix and base parts of the scaffold to the rooftop of the cathedral. Also, with the use of our Geda 200 material hoist, getting scaffold gear and components from the bottom to the top was a breeze. Great work by all that were involved in this project. Even the scaffold gods would be impressed! A special shout out to Lex de jong who provided us with the above images of Upright Access scaffolders doing the mahi.

Take a look at the finished product.