Importance of reporting Near Misses

Every day we experience near misses. Some are closer than others. They’re the ones when you know that with just a slight change in circumstances you could have been seriously injured.

When these near misses occur in the workplace they can be seen as both a warning and an opportunity – a warning that a serious incident is waiting to happen and an opportunity to learn, to prevent the incident from happening again on another occasion, whether it’s to you or to someone else.

Near misses are often disregarded as unimportant or at least not significant enough to be reported. They should be seen as a chance to proactively resolve the things that aren’t working as well as they could be.

If your company creates a workplace culture where employees feel encouraged to report near misses there are a number of benefits you and your staff will enjoy. It engages the workforce in solving problems, increasing safety ownership and can bring useful information to light that otherwise might not be discussed.